Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My other shop

I have recently started using my old Etsy shop. Back when I made faerie wings and horns (which I sold somewhat sucsessfully, if not profitably) I opened the shop. I decided that since my shop I am sharing with Terry involves specifically recycled, upcycled products, my other shop could include my things that don't fit into that category. Paintings (yes, I paint, check out my painting blog!) purses and things I make that DONT involve things bought from the thrift store! Sometimes I buy fabric at JoAnne, and make a purse, or a skirt. Those don't fit into retcondesigns. Added to this, I have decided to "brand" my new, not upcycled sewn products "faerietails"  This was the name of my wings site years ago (I wonder if I still own that website name....) and I like it. So I give you: FAERIETAILS.

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