Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Purses Purses and more Purses

I have been a bag and purse making machine lately, but I haven't been updating on the blog. I'm very sorry about this. Some of these bags would probably be best on Retcon but I haven't added them yet. Some are on Faerietails, and some are still waiting to be added there as well. So for those, blog followers get a sneak peak! Luck you! All of the pictures still need to be edited and improved, even pictures for the ones already on Etsy.

Oh yeah, and I made Jen take some fun pictures of the bags outside in the tree. Mostly just because it's cool.

This is one of my favorites. Old tshirts, plus an old thermal long sleeved tshirt. Who doesn't love girl super heros?

Another one of my favorites. This shirt was a gift from a friend a while back, and it didn't fit anymore. Always loved it, so I decided it should be given new life as an adorable bag!

This bag is super big and roomy! Its made from a really soft fabric with a cool floral mandala print. I think it would be perfect for a girly free spirited bookbag!

There are definitely more bags, but unfortunately I have to get ready for work! Check out both shops soon for these bags and more!!