Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ruffled tshirt skirt

Made from some old shirts. Ruffles are strategically placed to hide some stains... The ruffles were fun since I wanted it to look sort of messy, I just gathered randomly as I attached them. Pictures of it on will come, when I'm wearing it, and not sewing in my pj's!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Circle-skirt dress

This dress is a re-do of a dress I made before. The original top was a little too tight and didn't quite look how I wanted it to look. I had a dress I bought from Lane Bryant that had a similar fit, so I used that on as a basic pattern, though I definitly altered it a bit to look more how I wanted it to. The skirt is just a basic half-circle skirt, so no adjustments needed there. Then I added some matching fabric peeking out of the bottom, a ribbon with a bow, and some sparkle at the neckline. Overall, I am pretty happy with this dress, though I still feel like the straps are a little... weird. Oh, and yes, this is the same fabric as the little purse I posted a short while ago. I have a little more too, so expect at least one more purse, or maybe a top, or something!