Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hoodie to bag tutorial

I have had this hoodie forever. It's way too small on me, the bottom band is all funny, and its just not wearable anymore. But I love it, and couldn't let it go. So it sat in the fabric bin for a while, until I decided to make a bag out of it. I think it turned out great!
Start with a hoodie that is destined for Goodwill.

Cut off the bottom band (I guess if you wanted to leave it on you could, but I chose to remove it)
Remove the sleeve, and set aside. You will use these for the straps later.

Cut through both layers in a straight line, cutting off the hood. I had originally planed to use the hood as a closure flap, but I changed my mind because I didn't want to cover up the faerie. Maybe I will end up using it in another project.

Grab those sleeves, just for a second! Cut off the wrist elastic on both sleeves.

Sew the sleeve together at the spot that used to be the wrists. Sew right sides together, making a tube. I did this by turning one sleeve inside out, sliding it over the other one, and sewing around the wrist opening. You can do this however it works best for you, as long as the sleeves are attached. Set this new sleeve-tube-strap aside for now.

Grab the main part of your hoodie. Turn it inside out, and sew the bottom closed, right sides together. Sew the side seams closed the same way.

Sew a finished hem at the top, if you choose. Remember that sweatshirt fabric won't fray much, and will probably roll. BUT sewing a hem on the top helps the bag hold it's shape and keeps it from stretching when you reach in and out of it over and over again!

I decided to add a little pocket on the sleeve strap. This is super easy. Pick the spot you want your pocket, sew a rectangle through both layers of fabric. The cut through just one layer of fabric, just under the top stiches.

Pin the sleeves/strap to the bag. Pin them on the inside of the bag. Topstich around the edge, attaching the straps to the bag.

When I tried the bag, I decided that the top of the strap was too wide. To fix this, I took a scrap of fabric and wraped it around the top, and stiched it closed. This gathered up the fabric at the top of the strap and made it a more manageable width. I also adjusted the side seams a few times until the bag was the size I wanted it to be.
I apologize for the not-so-good quality of the photos. The looked much better when I took them. I think the lighting in my sewing room was off or something!!

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